Our Story

I've always been enchanted by the art of jewelry-making, initially focusing on luxury pieces. However, a pivotal moment came during college. I inherited my grandmother's old diary and was inspired to craft a bracelet engraved with her unique script. Wearing it felt like carrying a piece of her with me. This piece garnered incredible interest from my peers, who also longed for something personal yet affordable. Realizing this unmet need, I shifted my focus to crafting meaningful, budget-friendly jewelry. Thus, Happyzzzsu was born, a brand dedicated to turning cherished memories into wearable art, allowing people to keep their loved ones close in a tangible, beautiful way.

Jewelry design was more than a career for me; it was a passion. a brand focused on transforming personal history and nostalgia into affordable, bespoke jewelry, making every piece a conversation starter and a keeper of stories.

Our mission: to craft custom, heartwarming jewelry pieces that are accessible to everyone. We specialize in turning personal sketches, notes, and memories into beautiful tokens, allowing our customers to wear their heart on their sleeve, literally.

Our Team

The members of the Happyzzzsu team may have graduated from prestigious schools, or have traveled across industries, or are deeply involved in the industry.

The same thing is: we all have a pure and independent heart, and we all want to do something ultimate and beautiful. We want to inject a broader soul into the design artistically. We believe that jewelry that embellishes women can be more loving.

Therefore, we created Happyzzzsu. Happyzzzsu was born out of love.

We are Slow

Our creations undergo a meticulous process, requiring at least six iterations to refine the design to utmost satisfaction. We continuously test the density, shaping, and skin-friendliness of various metals, experimenting with over 20 hues to develop colors that are both fashionable and complement different skin tones.

To realize our design ideals, we employ materials such as 925 sterling silver and titanium. Our skilled artisans, with their craftsmanship, bring intricate designs to life. The result is handcrafted pieces that exude texture, warmth, and a spiritual quality.

The art of creation demands patience and perseverance. Our dedicated craftsmen, driven by passion, persist in shaping Happyzzzsu into a brand that stands the test of time. We aspire to be friends with time, crafting pieces that endure and resonate.

Happyzzzsu Said

In the eyes of Happyzzzsu, beautiful women embody qualities of equality, independence, humility, kindness, and abundant love. They adorn themselves with uniquely styled accessories, taking care to present a thoughtful appearance before stepping out. They define their fashion sense not by extravagance but by the innate elegance that radiates in the crowd. Happyzzzsu, embellishing those radiant women.

As a graduate in jewelry design, I've persevered in crafting my own designs, CAD, and handmade samples. Despite the initial challenges and moments of self-doubt during the entrepreneurial journey, it's your continuous support and companionship that have seen me through each of the 365 days. With evolving craftsmanship and unique design perspectives, more and more customers have recognized our jewelry. We now have over 300,000 customers, with over 60,000 5-star reviews. Grateful to have you on this journey!

Giving back

Happyzzzsu has consistently been a dedicated supporter of social welfare initiatives. With each of your orders, a portion of the funds (2-3%) is earmarked for charitable donations. This enables us to contribute to various charitable activities, making a positive impact on the community. Additionally, we provide free accessories for proms to high school teenagers who might not afford them, actively practicing corporate social responsibility and fostering positive energy in society. While our radiance may not be dazzling, it remains a warm and steady glow, showcasing the compassion and responsibility of the jewelry community in every small gesture.

Water Stewardship

The jewelry industry, as a whole, is a water-intensive sector with significant impacts on water supply. According to the "Natural Diamond Industry Transparency Report," producing a simple gold ring requires approximately 5000 liters of water.We actively engage in transforming our design processes, focusing on techniques such as hand-carved wax models, enhanced setting craftsmanship, and electroplating for gold-colored finishes. Our designs predominantly feature no main stones or smaller main stones to protect water resources from the pollution of toxic chemicals and radiation.Simultaneously, we initiate sustainable pearl farming and adoption projects. Through our collaborations, we have adopted a group of oysters in the coastal waters near Hong Kong. Each oyster can filter up to 33,000 liters of seawater within 6 months, equivalent to the size of two 25-meter swimming pools!

Carbon Neutrality

Presently, we adhere to energy-saving and carbon reduction measures in production, air emissions, water resource management, and waste management. Employing techniques such as harmless treatment, reduction, and recycling, we aim to minimize carbon emissions throughout the production process, always adhering to the principles of sustainable development.Aware that there is still a long journey ahead, we remain dedicated to our ongoing efforts. We believe that through meaningful actions, shared responsibility, and scientifically supported endeavors, we can collectively realize a brighter future.

925 sterling silver

Our 925 sterling silver is made of 92.5% pure silver, internationally recognized as the standard material for crafting silver jewelry. The 925 sterling silver in this piece is gold-plated, with a generous layer of 14k gold applied to achieve a captivating luster. Care instructions: Avoid exposing your 925 sterling silver jewelry to chlorinated water and cleaning products containing bleach. Use a soft cloth or specialized silver-cleaning products. To minimize scratches and tarnishing, Please put it in the anti-oxidation bag or box that we have specially customized for jewelry when not being worn.

Titanium and stainless steel

Titanium and stainless steel. Characterized by waterproof properties, the silver color will never fade or rust. For gold-plated items, a thick layer of gold is vacuum-plated onto the piece. Care instructions: The most crucial aspect of wearing is to prevent jewelry from being scratched by sharp objects and avoid damaging its smooth surface. When not being worn, Please put it in the anti-oxidation bag or box that we have specially customized for jewelry.

Zirconia, Moissanite, Lab-Grown Diamonds

Zirconia, Moissanite, Lab-Grown Diamonds:

Zirconia: 5A color, clarity, and cut carefully selected.
Moissanite: 4C - carat, color, clarity, and cut meticulously screened.
Lab-Grown Diamonds: Lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same brilliance and clarity as natural diamonds and will maintain their sparkle indefinitely.

Care Instructions: Moissanite possesses oil-repellent and hydrophobic characteristics. You can periodically soak it in warm water and gently brush it with a soft brush, generally restoring its brightness to a like-new condition.

Natural Freshwater Pearls, Natural Mother of Pearl:

Natural Freshwater Pearls, Natural Mother of Pearl:

Natural Freshwater Pearls: Naturally formed, each pearl possesses a unique shape and luster.
Mother of Pearl: Naturally occurring in certain shells, it adds a sparkling and reflective touch to the piece.

Care Instructions: Pearls contain moisture-loving substances and should be stored in a cool place. When storing, maintain the appropriate humidity for pearl necklaces. Avoid exposing pearl necklaces to direct sunlight and high temperatures while wearing.


Crystals are renowned for their aesthetic allure and also hold significant importance in various metaphysical and spiritual practices. In addition to visual appeal, crystals possess unique energies and properties that can influence one's well-being.

1. **Energy Amplification:** Crystals are believed to amplify and channel energy.
2. **Healing Properties:** Many people believe certain crystals have healing effects.
3. **Chakra Alignment:** Crystals resonate with different chakras, promoting balance.
4. **Protection:** Some crystals are used for protection against negative energies.
5. **Spiritual Growth:** Crystals can enhance intuition, clarity, and spiritual growth.
6. **Energy Healing:** Crystals are used in energy healing practices.
7. **Chakra Balancing:** Crystals are associated with balancing energy centers.
8. **Spirituality:** Crystals are utilized for spiritual practices.

Crystal Care: Regular cleansing is recommended to maintain their energy.